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Simply Luxe is run by Professional Organizer Ryen Toft. She runs a team of Luxe Home Organizers located in San Diego, CA. She has 20 years of  experience, specializing in residential, commercial organization. We pride ourselves in helping our clients with projects of any size. We can organize and design your closet, office, garage, and anything in between. We love helping you move into your new home getting set with systems the second you have the keys too! We are fully insured, fully background checked, and a fully mobile, and specially curated van as well! We bring all bins, baskets, and needs with us on every visit. Efficiency is very important to us, it helps us bring you the best service around!

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Ryen Toft

Professional Organizer & Founder

Ryen Toft, founder of Simply Luxe, wants to spread the love of organizing throughout San Diego County. She hopes to help people de-clutter their lives, while giving them back their time.

Ryen is very hands-on when organizing, consulting, coaching, and finding products to help individuals become hyper organized. She helps them tailor and maintain a system for what best suits their needs. She is patient and inspiring while being firmly committed to her clients’ goals.

A San Diego native and a graduate of UCSD, Ryen has tenured background in Estate Management for elite homes in the San Diego area.

When she is not organizing she is traveling, giving back to the community, admiring bees, or at the beach with her golden retriever.


Professional Organizer in San Diego, CA for Home Organizing

The Simple Luxe
Organizing Process


Step One

As a professional organizer in San Diego, CA, our organizing process begins with a virtual assessment of your space. This includes reviewing images you have provided while discussing your wants and needs in the space.


Step Two

Next, we finalize scheduling, reviewing and returning the contract, and receiving the initial deposit. During this step, let us know any extra details we may need to know (i.e., preferences, wants) and any day of details (i.e., parking, gate info, animals, etc).


Step Three

Behind the scenes, we brainstorm a layout, design and create a game plan. We shop for products and items to help maximize your space’s organization. There is nothing you need to do to prep for the day of organizing. It helps us to see how the space is used so that we give you a system that truly works. 


Step Four

On organizing day, we take everything out of the space we are addressing; clean, sort and edit. You can be as involved as you’d like but we also work very well autonomously. We then use our organizing expertise to refold, implement bins and baskets, label and find a new home for all items, keeping both beauty and function in mind.


Step Five

Finally, we schedule a follow up appointment to help maintain said areas and keep them functioning for you. We also assess if any other spaces in your home need to be transformed with the Simply Luxe magic.  


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Our Areas of Expertise

Much of our success in organizing is a result of a lot of training, preparation, and hard work. We are fully committed to our clients, and are happy to accommodate our services in order to fit their needs. The work we've accomplished is a testament to our high standards as Professional Organizers. Follow Simply Luxe on Instagram to keep updated with our latest projects!

Whether it be a kitchen, closet, or office, we love organizing every type of space!

This is our area of expertise! While our client's particular needs may vary, the experience, skills, and professional approach we maintain will always get the job done. When people look for a professional organizer in San Diego, CA, they know they can rely on our services, that’s when great things start happening. Let us know how our team can help today! 

Nothing is better than a brand new,


This is a great example of how our service has evolved to help our clients' every need. Whether you are moving or remodeling, packing and unpacking boxes can be a daunting task. Our team can help you accomplish that without the headache, as well as implementing systems to maximize your new space's potential. We also add an element of design when doing this. We can hang art and help with the layout of furniture as well. We are here to simplify your life.

Because we all need a little

support sometimes.

In a dream world, our organized spaces would stay pristine forever, but we realize our clients are busy, active people who might slip up and need our help again. We are committed to fostering beneficial and long lasting relationships with our clients and following up to make sure they are maintaining their organized spaces.

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I was fortunate to have Ryen Toft recommended to me as a professional organizer. I inherited my dad’s home and the contents inside; he was a hoarder, so I was overwhelmed with the task. Ryen happily helped me organize his lifetime of collections, but she also kept the momentum going when I became dazed and discouraged with the colossal task. Ryen wasn’t judgmental, she was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her highly as a professional organizer.

Riley Callahan-Mayo

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