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The 5 Most Cluttered Places in Your Home

The 5 Most Cluttered Places in Your Home

Learning the most commonly cluttered spaces is certainly a great place to start if you want to keep your home free of clutter. After all, the titular mess is something nearly everyone accrues in one or another. So, it really comes down to finding your home’s clutter and organizing it to meet your lifestyle. Let’s break down the most cluttered places in your home so you can start planning creative, efficient solutions.


First and foremost, we’ll take a look at the bathroom. More specifically, we’re talking about those personal bathrooms that homeowners use every morning for brushing teeth, shaving, and beyond. The reason this area is more easily able to accrue clutter is because of all those items that go into morning routines. If you have enough sink space available, it’s understandable to have a few essentials lying around, but they can pile up after a while without proper maintenance.

For instance, cabinets are great for keeping small items like medicines, ensuring they’re not randomly sitting on your sink, but also that you can also reach them quickly when necessary. As you’ll learn by diving into each section below, removing clutter from a space doesn’t mean you have to throw everything away—it’s all about finding the best spot to put the things you need while keeping the home beautiful in the process. It might seem like a challenging balance to strike, but it’s certainly attainable.


Sifting through your closets for clutter is always a great place to start because they can quickly become a go-to storage spot for random items. Thus, browsing closets will help you find items that you’re storing, but don’t necessarily need anymore.

After all, the inside of a closet isn’t your living room—the latter is an area your guests will see when visiting, but not so much the closet. As a result, you might not worry about stacking random items in closets around the house.

That said, you can turn a closet into productive storage quite swiftly. For example, if you regularly dust or vacuum the living room, having the necessary supplies for doing so in a closet near the living room makes total sense. Boxes of old Halloween costumes or holiday supplies, on the other hand, might not need to be so readily available.

The Garage

If your garage is full of random boxes, tools, and other belongings, you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon to see homeowners using garages as a storage space for a various assortment of items, but there is a way to bring a bit more coherency to the layout. Instead of turning your garage into a pit for random boxes, create storage with a stronger purpose.

For instance, keeping tools for your garden or car inside the garage can be very convenient, especially if you have the space for reliable storage cabinets and shelves. Plus, each garage is different, so balancing functional storage with available comfortable space will help you find the best approach.

The Kitchen

You might not want to hear a comparison between your kitchen and a bathroom, but we’re here to do just that. As mentioned above, tossing items randomly into drawers or setting them on the sink counter might be efficient one day, but the practice could become messy over time without proper maintenance. The same principle rings true for kitchen cabinets and countertops.

On day one of moving into your house, your cabinets are empty and ready for your first batch of groceries. If you don’t keep purpose and productivity in mind as you place more and more items into these spaces over time, it can become a messy group of things. Even your fridge can benefit from some careful organization; keeping veggies, meat, condiments, and beyond in specific areas makes it easier to find when you need it.

Moreover, careful organization like this makes it convenient to know whether you need to add a new item to your shopping list. Instead of having to search the whole fridge to know when it’s time to stock up again, you can look right where you know it is, whether it be butter, bacon, or beyond. Likewise, keeping kitchen items near where you typically use them can make meals much more straightforward. Something as simple as keeping pizza pans close to the oven can make your kitchen that much more accommodating.

Your Home Office

It should be no surprise that the home office is among the most cluttered places in your home. After all, having that small pile of papers on your desk might not seem too bad at first, especially if it’s information you reach for frequently.

However, it becomes easy to allow that stack to grow over time, until sifting through page by page is commonplace, hurting efficiency instead of boosting it. Office supplies such as pens, notebooks, staplers, and other small items can quickly accrue if you don’t set a specific spot for your belongings.

Don’t worry; we’re not going to suggest you throw everything out because, of course, much of that paperwork or supplies are there for a reason. Since home offices benefit from concise reorganizing, finding a place for what you need that is both clean and efficient. Remember—your desk doesn’t need to be barren, but creating a layout with purpose can make a great impact on productivity and aesthetics.


As you can see, pretty much every room in your home can gain clutter depending on your lifestyle and daily habits. Maybe your house has clutter in all these rooms, or only one. Either way, you can start putting a plan into motion today by identifying where your clutter hotspots are at home.

Decluttering and reorganizing any space can be time-consuming, but it will pay off in the long run by providing you with a more clean, comfortable, and convenient home. Plus, finding the perfect way to capture all three qualities isn’t something homeowners have to figure out independently.

For example, Simply Luxe offers luxury home organizing services that strategize and create the perfect fresh layout for your space. With some creative and experienced professionals by your side, you can completely transform your home for the better.

The 5 Most Cluttered Places in Your Home

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